Fig : school boys wore masks due to high range pollution in the city

                                        Fig : Child wore mask due to air pollution,and showing placard

       The high levels of air pollution warned once again.UNICEF reports says that this pollution may shows an impact on brain development of children.
                      Nearly 17 million infants are living areas are highly polluted this is at least six times higher than international limits.The reports says that due to this air pollution babies are at a risk of suffering brain damage.

                                     Fig : Volunteers distributing masks to the people due to air pollution

                      According to the report,nearly 16 million people belongs to asia. moreover in indian sub continent 75 percent living,which has three of the world's 10 most countries in the world that is India,Bangladesh and Pakisthan.Infact India got first position in the list of countries with babies at risk after that china.which is most populated country in the world.

                                                          Fig : Air Quality Index( AQI )

                      In Delhi city every November pollution raises to high levels.it is difficult to people for doing out door activities,and it may interrupts to schools.in the first two weeks of November pollution had reached "Severe" on the air quality index.According to records on 13 November, Punjabi bagh recorded an air quality of 799, while Mandir marg's air quality at 592.

                           Fig : Srilanka cricketers wore masks in the test match against India on 3rd test

                      The air pollution levels the AQI above 401 is considered "Severe".and a number between 301 and 400 is placed under "very poor category"on the AQI.The problem again came in December.in the test cricket match between Srilanka and India, Srilankan cricketers wore pollution masks, on third test of second and third days.

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